country life | black & WHITE


“Life in the countryside” is a documentary project that encompasses all age groups, diverse people from different areas, with authentic life stories, who have always lived in rural environments. This project aims to reflect the lives of Romanians (Romanian peasants) as they are, in the simplest and at the same time most complex ways of life. Portraits, scenes, stories, and frames interspersed with authentic contemporary rural details.


“Life in the countryside” was born out of my own nostalgia provoked by the rural-urban transition. About 10 years ago, when I left my hometown, which is in a rural environment, to continue my studies, I felt that something inside me broke, I felt that my life actually remained there, somewhere in the midst of nature, close to everything that meant childhood, grandparents, stories, daily chores, animals, sunset on the fields, bike rides through the forest… etc.


Every time I revisited the places of my childhood, I felt positively charged, always discovering a creative force within me. Energy that still makes me believe today that I can do anything and be anything I want to be.


Over time, I noticed that in fact, all rural places are full of stories, extraordinary people, air and nature, embellished with impressive customs and costumes that give them identity. “Life in the countryside” is an infinite paradise that should not be forgotten.


© Elena Corbu | From the inside out