Cutting away old perceptions to be able to live in the freedom of expression
I am a Romanian visual artist. I love creating and telling stories about life, human beings and connection.
The language I chose is photography. It started fifteen years ago when I started to know myself through my visual expression. I discovered a lot of similarity between people and nature and I dream to show the world the power of authenticity and the importance of a soft and lovely relationship between inner self and outside perception. 
This project reflects my inner journey meant to cut my blood chains created by my fear and to use my ancestral gifts to become a better version of myself. The photo descriptions are very important for understanding the steps of my journey. I invite you to discover every title and every description on below by one click on the image. This step will give you an intimate touch with the story.

This project would not have been possible without the involvement of this wonderful people: 

  • Igor Antoniuc – my husband and my creative half that help me to put my photographic concepts in practice
  • Isabelle Vijiiac the brave and creative designer who created this red dress for me which was the muse and the main trigger in this journey
  • Meda Poncișu – surrealist human being and psychologist with whom I dug into my inner world without fear and doubt