follow the red line

This work is a follow-up of my inner journey of discovering my bloodline gifts and bloodline chains. This short series is a part of a greater project, maybe a lifetime project.


“Follow the Red Line” is a photographic project inspired by the exploration of the inner journey and the externalization of innate gifts. The project delves into the metamorphic nature of the creative process, transcending mere aesthetics and technicalities in photography. The red line becomes a metaphorical guide, symbolizing the path to uncovering the true essence of creativity.


This series of images serves as a visual narrative, capturing a spectrum of states, emotions, feelings, and experiences. Moving from the abstract to the concrete, the project transforms non-form into a cohesive photographic concept. “Follow the Red Line” invites viewers to embark on a conscious journey through moments of existence, encouraging introspection and a graceful acceptance of the intimate spaces within oneself.


The project is a testament to the courage required to pursue one’s inner voice without the need for external validation. It positions photography not just as a visual art form but as a powerful instrument of expression. “Follow the Red Line” is not merely an exploration; it’s a continuous project, representing a dynamic concept of life. The red line serves as a constant reminder to embrace the necessity of this journey, recognizing it not as an ailment but as a vital component of our existence.